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Recipe 10: How to remove a filter that returned no rows from an OutlineView?


By right-clicking inside an outline view, a popup menu is displayed where you can select the action Show only rows where you can define your criteria depending under which column you clicked. However, if the filter resulted in no rows, how can you display all rows again since the action is displayed only when there are visible rows in the outline view?


An easy solution is to add a toolbar next to your outline view inside the top component and add the following button:

public class RemoveFilterAction extends AbstractAction {
  /** The outline view to sort. */
  private final OutlineView outlineView;
  /** PropertyChangeListener to set the enabled state. */
  private final PropertyChangeListener pcl = new PropertyChangeListener() {
     public void propertyChange(PropertyChangeEvent evt) {
       setEnabled(RemoveFilterAction.this.outlineView.getOutline().getQuickFilterColumn() != -1);

    * @param view the outline view to remove filter from.
  public RemoveFilterAction(OutlineView view) {
     super(NbBundle.getMessage(RemoveFilterAction.class, "HINT_RemoveFilter"),
           ImageUtilities.loadImageIcon("deleteFilter.png", false));
     this.outlineView = view;
     putValue(SHORT_DESCRIPTION, org.openide.util.NbBundle.getMessage(RemoveFilterAction.class, "HINT_RemoveFilter"));

  public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {


HINT_RemoveFilter=Remove the applied filter from view

Whenever a filter is applied to the outline view, the button becomes enabled, and by clicking on it the filter is removed.

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