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Recipe 3: ToolBar

How do I display a toolbar in Netbeans RCP?

To display a ToolBar in Netbeans RCP, a class must implement the Presenter.Toolbar interface:

package my.package.toolbar;
public class AToolBar implements Presenter.Toolbar {
   public Component getToolbarPresenter() {
       return aComponent;            // e.g. a JLabel, a JPanel etc.
However, this is not enough. You need to edit layer.xml too like so:
 <folder name="Actions">
  <folder name="View">
   <file name="my-package-toolbar-AToolBar.instance">
     <attr name="delegate" newvalue="my.package.toolbar.AToolBar"/>
     <!--attr name="displayName" bundlevalue="my.package.toolbar.Bundle#CTL_AToolBar"/-->
     <attr name="noIconInMenu" boolvalue="true"/>
<folder name="Toolbars">
 <folder name="MyToolBar">
  <file name="my-package-toolbar-AToolBar.shadow">
    <attr name="originalFile" stringvalue="Actions/View/my-package-toolbar-AToolBar.instance"/>
    <attr name="position" intvalue="10"/>

You need to add your toolbar under <Toolbars> folder. Then you can declare the actual path to the class using <originalFile> attribute.

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